Friday, February 1, 2008

Call of the Wild

In the beginning of the book, Buck was a housedog. Then one of the gardeners sold him to people that needed sleddog teams in Alaska while minning for gold. Buck didn't like it because the men beat him. After they got half way, the team was sold again, to a cook in one of the villages. The cook was nice, he always let them relax peacefully. The dogs were so worn out because they ran 2,500 miles and only got a weeks rest untill they were sold again to this family that new nothing about sledding. The family over packed the sledd and whipped, clubed and harrassed the dogs if they didn't run fast enough, they would not let them rest, so the dogs were on the verge of dying, They started out with a team of 14 dogs, Buck as the leader. And by the time that they reached one town there were only 7 dogs left, including Buck. The mean humans let the dogs rest for a little bit, but Buck couldn't get up when he was demanded to. So, Hal, one of the mean people started clubbing him, and just as he was almost dead a man named John said, "If youy hit him one more tim, I will kill you." After that, Hal thought that Buck was dead anyway, and gave him to John. John let Buck rest as long as he needed. John had two other dogs named Nig and Skeet. Buc k loved John, he loved him more than his original owner, more than anything. Buck saved John's life twice, John loved Buck just as much. When John's colleges came back for him after his feet froze, they went to go look for gold. When they found a valley abundant with it, they stayed there. Buck got in touch with his wild side, and went into the woods for weeks on end hunting and killing...he became obsessed. One day when Buck came back to the valley after a week of killing moose, his intstincts told him that something was wrong. When he got back, Skeet, Nig, Hans, Charles, and most importantly, John were dead with feathered arrows in them. Buck found the Native American tribe that did this and killed the cheif and many others too. Then the Native American tribe feared Buck and the wolf pack he joined for the rest of their lives.

The protagonist of this book was Buck, and the antagoinist was mainly nature. Buck was a corageus, brave, smart dog...everyone in Alaska knew his name. He was also loyal and playful. If I ever got a dog, I'd want one like him.

I really liked this book. At first I didn't like the idea of a dog speaking in first person. Than I got used to it and I relized it would be bad anyother way. I tought that the title was pefect. One thing I didn't like wa near the end it got boring and I din't want to read it any more. All around, I say it was a great book.

Two reading stratigies that I used while reading this book were visualization, and connection making. I visualized the wolfs attacking the dog team, and I made a book to book connection. The book that I connected this one to was calles Stone Fox. I read that book four years ago, and that one was about the Alasken gold rush and sledding too. That is how I used my reading stratigies while reading this book.

The author, Jack London has also writen were... Martin Eden, White Fang, The Sea-Wolf, and Iorn Heel. You can also click on this web page to find out more about him...

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