Saturday, November 3, 2007

Romiette and Julio

In the beginning of this book, Romiette and Julio were living two separate lives. Romiette was almost popular, had allot of friends, and was loved by everyone. Julio was the new kid in school, so he was very unpopular. One thing that they shared was that they are good-looking. In the middle of the book, they sort of become one person, because they both develop the same social status and the same friends...and in some ways that is not a good thing. The gangs in their school start to threaten them because Romiette is black and Julio is Hispanic. The gangs don't like them being boyfriend and girlfriend, so they threaten them with murder. Romiette and Julio have to come up with a plan to show the gang that hanging out with someone different then you are is not a bad thing.

There are two main characters in this book, and they are Romiette and Julio. Romiette has a really spunky, can-be-hyper, play-it-cool personality. Julio is a rebel, he is shy, but he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I think that they complete each other, and their best friends are like soul mates. Destiny and Ben have almost the exact same personality.

I really like this book because, I don't get board of it and want to put it down. I also like how she tells the story from two points of view, Romiette's and Julio's. I also like how she does not use cliff-hangers...I hate it when authors do that. This author made this book have to deal with what some people have to deal with today, and also made it into a romance novel. Some things that I don't like about this book, is how they have to use gangs, because gangs make me feel weird when I think about them, because I've never actually seen one. I also don't like it when the author describes the puppy named Taco, because I hate Julio, and all the ways he uses Spanish. I don't know why, because I understand what he says but I like it when people speak English.

One reading habit that I used was to visualize. Every single seen, I can see in my head. I can see all of the purple hooded freaks getting out of their car in unison. It makes me scared to think about them. Another strategy that I made a connection to the book Romeo and Juliet. It is almost the same story line, except instead of mad family members there is angry gang members.

The author of Romiette and Julio, Sharon M. Draper is also the author of Tears of a Tiger, The Battle of Jericho, Darkness Before Dawn, Double Dutch and Forged by Fire. I like how she really paints a picture in your mind, she is a really good author!


lavee said...

i loved this book! I like that Julio speaks Spanish, it adds to their differences but yet they still stay together! i think that this would be a good movie but only if the screw it up!

lavee said...

only if the DON'T screw it up!!!!!