Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Everything On A Waffle

In the beginning, Primrose's parents got lost at sea and she was convinced that they were still alive. Primrose kept telling everyone that her parents were still alive, but no one believed her. She got moved into her Uncle Jack's house because he was her closest relative. After about a week in Uncle Jack's care, all of the kids made fun of her. The reason why the people made fun of her was because they thought she was crazy because she believed that her aprents were still alive. Another reason why everyone was making fun of her was that Uncle Jack was a developer. No one in Coal Haubor wanted there to be torists, they liked teh small population. Then, about a week later, Uncle Jack took Primrose to try and sell a house. When they got there, Primrose fell and skinned her knee. Uncle Jack told Primrose to just stay in the car while he showed the house. After a while, Primrose started to get board, so she got out of the car and started to run. She was just running for fun when she came to a road. She decided to cross the road, and half way through her skinned knee started to hurt so she knelt down to look at it. Suddenly, Primrose heard a truck, she saw it coming at her, and that was all she remembered. Hours later, Primrose woke up, she thought that she was dead. Then, she heard Uncle Jack and he told her what had happened. She had gotten hit by the truck, went uncountious and get her pinky toe decapitated. When Primrose got back to school, everyone was nice to her. Primrose didn't understand why until she heard two girls talking about her. They said that everyone was beeing nice to her because Miss. Honeycutt told them that she was suicidle. Then Primrose understod why everyone was offering to hold her books and was beeing so nice to her. Her Uncle Jack also told some fo the boys that they could use their gym for a hockey team if Primrose could be teh goalie. The boys exepted, but soon they dictched her. Then, one day Primrose was looking out at the ocean while she was holding a fishing net. The fishing net got caught to the dock and the wave knocked Primrose of of her feet. Primrose's hand got mangled in the net and had to get the tip of her left ring finger taken off. After that, they took Primrose out of Uncle Jack's house and put her in foster care. Her foster parents, Evie and Bert, were very nice kindhearted people. They even moved to Coal Haurbor just for Primrose. They moved into one of Uncle Jack's townhouses and were very happy. One day, Uncle Jack, Evie, Bert and Primrose went to a resteraunt for dinner. All of the sudden and fire alarm sounded, Uncle Jack was a volunteer fire fighter so he left. Evie, Bert and Primrose rused to the site of the fire...it was the townhouses! Then, the fire fighters found out that someone was still in the building, it was Miss. Honeycutt. Even though she was the one that removed Primrose from Uncle Jack's care, he went in to save her. When they were coming out, Uncle Jack gave her his special coat to protect her, then a huge piece of burning wood fell onto Uncle Jack's back! Miss. Honeycutt got out saftley while Uncle Jack suffered thrid degree burns. The bad and sad part is that Miss. Honeycutt suided him for lost of vaulbles! In the end, Primrose's parents comeback and take Primrose back.
The main character Primrose is determind that her parents are going to come back. Everyone tells her they aren't but she doesn't believe them. She is also very happy for a person missing a toe and a finger. She is very independent, I don't like that about her.
Something that I liked about this book is that Primrose doesn't seem to mind that everyone else thinks that her parents are dead. She also doesn't let her amount of fingers and toes bother her.i dilike how she is always being moved from place to place.
A reading straegy that I used was making predictions, I predicted that Primrose's parents would come back in the end and they did. Another strategy that I used was a book to book connection, I connected this book to How I Survived Being a Girl. Both girls were alone most of the book and I felt bad for both of them.
The author, Polly Horvath also has written The Trolls, The Vacation, The Canning Season, The Pepins and and Their Problems, When the Circus Came to Town, The Corpse of Bare-Boned Planes, The Happy Yellow Car, No More Cornflakes, and An Occasional Cow.

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