Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Down a Dark Hall

In the beginning of the story, Kit's mom and her step dad Dan were going on their honeymoon, so Kit was going to a all girls boarding school for 2 months while her parents were in Europe. Kit signed up to go to Blackwood School for Girls, when they first arrived at Blackwood, one word came into Kit's head...evil. After Kit's parents leave her there, things start to get weird, only four girls were accepted. All the girls have one thing in common, they have ESP. The book, they all find out that they are all a part of a "evil" project, the professors are using their ESP to transport dead gifted people like artists and poets while dreaming. The girls are writing the works of art that they never had enough time to complete. Kit and her new friends do not except this concept, all except Lynda. The girls find out one stormy night that after a month or two, their work would start to get bad. This would happen because bad artist, poets, etc. would start to come into their body's. That stormy night they also find out that the girls in all of the schools ran by the Madame, were closed because every person that went there either committed suicide trying to escape, or were in a mental institution. so to escape, the girls set the building on fire and escape, Kit almost didn't make it out the first time, but she finally did in the end.

I thought that this book was good, it wasn't the best but I liked it. I would recommend this book to someone that likes supernatural mystery books.I think that the book didn't really have a point to it. One thing that I liked about this book was that it was long. I really like long books because I never want them to end (if they are good books.) So that was my thoughts about this book.

The characters in this book were mostly rebellious. Kit hated everything that they were doing to her. Sandy was also rebellious, but she was more of a follower of Kit than an individual person. Ruth liked everything that was going on, she thought that it was a great idea until Madame told the girls about the suicides and mental institution. Lynda was basically out of it, she stayed in her room and painted all day. So her soul was almost gone before they escaped.

Two reading strategies that I used while reading this book was visualization and making connections. I visualized Kit's dorm room, everything covered in red velvet. I made a book to life connection when I visualized Blackwood School for Girls just like my best friend Brianna's house. Those were some of the reading strategies that I used while reading this book.

The author, Lois Duncan, was a very good author in my view because I liked the style that she writes in. Some more books that Lois Duncan wrote are Song of the Circus, On the Edge, Trapped, Gallows Hill, Physic Connections, Don 't Look Behind You, Birthday Moon, The Twisted Widow, Locked in Time, The Third Eye, Terrible Tails of the Happy Days School, Stranger with My Face, Daughters of Eve, Summer of Fear, Killing Mr. Griffin, I Know What You Did Last Summer, A Gift of Magic, Hotel for Dogs, They Never Came Home, Five Were Missing, Ransom, Who Killed My Daughter, My Growth as a Writer, and How To Write and Sell Your Personal Experiences.

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