Monday, January 28, 2008

So B. It

In the beginning of this book Heidi was happy. She lived with her Mama and Bernadette, her neighbor. Her mother was mentally challenged and only knew 23 words. Heidi loved her mom and Bernie. Then in the middle of the book, Heidi starts to want to know about her past, so she bought a bus ticket to Liberty, New York. In Liberty, there is a place called Hilltop Home and according to an old camera Heidi found in the junk draw, was where her mother used to live. Heidi didn't know anybody else in the entire world besides Bernie and Mama, Bernie had AP-a fear of going outside so Heidi never went outside until she was old enough to go alone. So Heidi wanted to find out about her past, when was her birthday, who was her grandparent, who was her dad, and most importantly...what was soof? Soof was a word that her mother often said, and Heidi wanted to know what it was. When Bernie found out about the ticket to Liberty, she was fuming. Heidi was only 12 and her mother was afraid of buses, and Liberty was halfway across the country, because they lived in Reno, Nevada. Bernie realized that nothing was going to stop Heidi from going so she let her. When Heidi finally arrived, she got to Hilltop Home and they would not talk to her, Thurman Hill refused. Luckily, the secretary Ruby and her husband decided to take Heidi in until she left. Bernie kept calling through out her stay and kept telling her to come home, because Heidi's mother and her needed her. Then the next day when she came back to Hilltop Home she found out that her father was Elliot, Thurman Hill's son, and he too was a gust at Hilltop Home. Heidi also found out that her mother's real name was Sophia Lynne DeMuth, not So B. It, the name that she called herself. Mama's mother was named Diane DeMuth, and she was hit by a bus, that was why Mama was afraid of them. It turns out that Diane conned Thurman Hill into letting Sophia stay in Hilltop Home for free, and when he found out that she was pregnant, he paid a small fortune to go away and never come back. That was why when he saw Heidi he wouldn't talk to her, he thought that her grandmother sent her to get more money from him. Then Ruby got a disturbing call from Bernie, Mama was dead. She died in er sleep while she was having a bad headache. That was when Heidi found out what soof was, it was Mama's word for love.

I really liked this book, in some spots I cried and in other parts smiled. I didn't like how slow it was in the beginning and how fast it was at the end, I thought that the author should space it out more. Also in some spots it was very confusing. Overall, I would give this book two thumbs up!

The main character in this book was Heidi. I would describe Heidi as adventurous and daring. I am 12 too, and I don't think that I could have taken a bus across the country all by myself. Another word that I would describe Heidi as would be curious. She rode a three day bus trip across the country mainly just to find out the meaning of a four letter word...soof. I wish I could be more like Heidi, but I'm happy that I know who I am and my mom is still alive.

Two reading strategies that I used while reading this book was making connections, and visualization. When Heidi described the beautiful plant in the corner of the office, I pictured a big tree with gorgeous flowers hanging down from it. I could also picture another trunk that wrapped around the other trunk. I made a book to life connection because, when they described Hilltop Home, I pictured something that looked like my old doctors office. So I saw in my mind all the events in this book going on in the doctors office.

Sarah Weeks, the author of this book, was also the author of... Jumping The Scratch, and 40 other books that I had just typed and they all accidentally got deleted, and there was no way for me to get them back. You can see a list of her books at

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