Thursday, January 3, 2008


In the beginning of this book, Paul's family actually seemed normal. He had a brother, a mom and a dad. When I started to read more into the book I found out that Erik, (the brother) was hiding something, his dad was obsessed with Erik and he didn't care about anyone else. I learned that Paul's mom loved houses, she wanted everything to be perfect, very Perice and sequential...that was for you Mrs. Woodman! Paul, was sick of living in his brother's shadow and he also knew that Eric had something to do with his mysterious glasses. Everyone told him that he "looked into a solar eclipse without any eye protection and was now partially blind," but Paul is almost positive that was not what happened. Near the middle of the book, Paul started to go to Lake Windsor Downs Middle School, until one day when a huge sinkhole appeared and destroyed half of the school. The options were to either go to Tangerine Middle School or still go to Lake Windsor Downs Middle School, but have school from 1-6, Paul decided to go to Tangerine Middle School instead. Paul joined the soccer team and really liked it, meanwhile, Erik shared the stardom on the football field with their amazing quarterback Antonie Thomas. In the end, Erik went to jail for robbing peoples houses and his dad was crushed, the Erik Fisher Football dream was no longer in existence. Paul finally found out about his blindness, by having a was Erik! Erik and is friend spray painted his eyes gray because he wouldn't do something for him. I really liked the end!

There were a lot of characters in this book, it was very hard to keep track of them all, but some of the main ones were... Paul, Paul's mom, Paul's dad, Erik, Joey Costello, Mike Costello, Antonie Thomas, and Arther. My favorite out of all of these people is Antonie Thomas, because he inspires people everywhere with his will to tell the truth. I didn't mention Joey and Mike Costello in this, but they were very important in this book. Mike was dead by the middle of the book, he was struck by lighting, but he was referred to many times. Joey Costello was Mike's younger brother and Paul's best friend.

I really like how Edward Bloor made this book sort of science fiction and regular fiction. I liked this because I don't really like science fiction books, but this book was really good because it was about a normal person with weird things happening to them. I didn't like how there were so many flashbacks and characters in this book, but other wise...I LOVE IT!!

Two reading startigies that I used while reading this book were visualization and I made connections. When Paul described his house, I saw it exactly how he described it. One thing that I made connections with was that I made a book to life connection. Paul's neighborhood was alot like my grandma's. She lives in Florida too and lives in a development. That was how I used my reading startigies with this book.

Some more books by Edward Bloor are Story Time, Crusader, London Calling, and Taken. I have not gotten a chance to read any of these books yet, but I hope I can in the future.

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