Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Secret Silent Screams

In the beginning Marti's best friend Barry died. The police believed that Barry killed himself, when Marti knows he didn't. So she went to the police to tell them what she knew to prove that Barry was murdered. The police officer didn't believe her so Marti got mad and tried to investigate herself. Then one day on her way home from school, Marti saw a gray van following her, and she was scared to death. Then she finds out that the gun that Barry used to kill himself was actually Charlie's. They used it for their dance in the talent show and no one knew about the gun except. Charlie, Barry, Tony, or Thad...or so they thought. One day Marti was sitting in Literacy Class and Thad's brother Emmet asked her to copy something down for him. She happily did but she didn't realize what he was really doing. Emmet's bother Thad was in jail, because of Charlie, Tony and Barry. Thad was trying to convince them to rob a bank, but they refused. So one day, Thad took their gun and robbed a jewelry store. Barry, Thad, Charlie and Tony were a part of a group called the Cuatros, they thought that they were best friends. But, when Thad went to court he tried to get them to lie under oath. The remaining Cuatros ended up testifying against him, that is how Thad went to jail. The day after Emmet had asked Marti to copy something down for him she saw Tony doing it for him too, but Tony's said, "I do not fear death any longer, when the hounds of spring are on winter's traces." And that was where Marti interrupted them. That is when she realized what it really was, a fake suicide note. It was Emmet!!!!!!! He did the same thing to Barry...and Marti. When Marti got home that day, she found the notes that she copied for Emmet the previous day, "I warmed both my hands before the fire of life, it sinks and I am ready to depart." Marti froze, and when she turned around Emmet was there, with the Cuatros' gun. He told her his plans, and they were to kill Barry, her, Charlie, and Tony because of what they did to his brother. Then Marti knocked him out with a lamp and then the police came. Emmet was arrested and no one else died!

I thought that this book was good, it was boring in some parts but I still liked it. It was very suspenseful in some parts, so it kept me wanting to read it. I liked how the author of the book was so descriptive of everything, I always have tons of questions at the end of books, but not this one. I didn't like how the story was setup, like I thought that the end should have been more in the middle. Other wise, I really recommend this book to people that love mysteries.

The main character of this book was Marti, and she was very curious. She always wanted to know everything. She also seemed like she couldn't control her emotions. Marti also seemed like a softy on the inside and tough on the outside. People also believed that she was crazy because they thought that she just couldn't let go that Barry committed suicide.

Two reading strategies that I used while reading this book were one, visualization and two, making book to book connections. One thing that I visualized while reading this book was Barry's room when Marti was describing it, I felt like I was really there. On thing in this book that I made connections to was when people thought that she was crazy when she said that Barry didn't kill himself. I made a connection to the book Down a Dark Hall because in that book people thought that Kit was crazy because she saw people sometimes when she was walking the halls, she also saw her dad right when he died to say goodbye. Those were the two reading strategies that I used while reading this book.

The author of this book, Joan Lowery Nixion also wrote were, The Haunting, Search for the Shadowman, Name of the Game was Murder, The Other Side of Dark, The Weekend was Murder, Making of a Writer, Caught in the ACT, The Ghosts of Now, The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, and The Dark and Deadly Pool.

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