Thursday, June 12, 2008

John Adams #2

In the beginning of this episode, the Continental Congress gets a letter saying that anyone that doesn't listen to a British officer will be killed. After that John Adams asked Thomas Jefferson to write a Deceleration of Independence. John Adams and George Washington love the document that Thomas Jefferson made and they show it to the Continental Congress. At John's house all of them get vaccinated for small pox, because it was going around. A few days after they got vaccinated Abby (the daughter) gets them. While this is going on George Washington and his troops were fighting at the battle of Fort Ticonderoga where the Colonies obtained some new weapons.

In this episode John Adams seems like he is bossing everyone around. I didn't like the way that he ordered Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. I also didn't like the way that he barely cared that his daughter had small pox, a life threatening sickness.

Something that I liked about this episode was that the 13 Colonies were finally free from Britain! I also really liked the Declaration of Independence that Thomas Jefferson wrote. I did not like how Abby got the small pox and I also didn't like the way that they were vaccinated. That part made me turn away, I can't believe that's how people were treated instead of shots.

One reading strategy that I used in this episode was that I made a prediction that Abby would get better and she did! I also made a connection to the other episode that I saw, (the first one, Join or Die) the way that the Continental Congress meetings were held.

The writer of this series, Kirk Ellis also has written Untitled Jakie Robinson Project, Into the West, Anne Frank: The Whole Story, The Three Stooges, The Beach Boys: An American Family, The Grass Harp, The Naked Truth, Hired to Kill, and Nightmare at Noon. The only show that I have seen of his is John Adams, but I am looking forward to see the rest.

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