Friday, June 13, 2008

John Adams #7

In the beginning of this episode, John and Abigail return to their home and Abby and Sally with their children are living there. Colonial Smith went to the west to search for a job because he developed a bad reputation in Boston and was not hired anywhere. Abby needed a doctor because she had breast cancer. The doctor said that he knew no other way than the knife so he amputated it. A few weeks later the same pain started to come back and instead of calling the doctor she died. Sally took care of all of the children, hers and Abby's. Then one day Abigail dies and John Adams was too upset for words. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson used to be best friends and then they got into a fight and separated. They start writing and they become friends again, they where both old and dying. John Quincy Adams becomes president just long enough for his father to be proud. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both die on July 4th.

In his episode I feel really bad for John Adams, he loses a daughter and a wife only a few weeks apart. John Adams is very upset through out the whole episode, not even his son becoming president can cheer him up.

This was my favorite episode of the whole series, but I didn't like how everyone died. I feel really bad for Sally, I think that she should have hired someone to help her watch all of those kids. I also liked how John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the same day. I hated how they made John Adams lie in the bed with Abigail as she was dying, I thought that was so sad.

I predicted that John Adams was going to die after John Quincy Adams became president, I was right. I am happy that this happened because I think that John Adams was very proud of him. I also made a connection to what we learned in class. We learned that John Quincy Adams was the 6th president.

The writer of this series, Kirk Ellis also has written Untitled Jakie Robinson Project, Into the West, Anne Frank: The Whole Story, The Three Stooges, The Beach Boys: An American Family, The Grass Harp, The Naked Truth, Hired to Kill, and Nightmare at Noon. The only show that I have seen of his is John Adams, but I am looking forward to see the rest.

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