Friday, June 13, 2008

John Adams #6

In the beginning of this episode, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams get into a fight about the war. Alexander Hamilton is very concerned about the clothes and John Adams is more concerned about the actual fighting. John Adams also kicks Charles out of the family because when he goes to visit him he was lying drunk on the table. He was ashamed to be his father so he removed him from the family. Later, he got sick and he went to live with Sally in the Adams' house while Abigail and John lived in the White House. He died and Abigail was so upset, John Adams tried not to look or feel upset but he was distraught in the inside.

John Adams in this episode is so heartless. I can't believe that he kicked Charles out of the family. I think that what Charles did was bad, he shouldn't drink, but I don't think that John should have just abandoned him. I also didn't like the way that he pretended not to care when Charles was dead.

Something that I liked about this show was how Abigail let Sally and Charles live in their house, even though according to John he was no longer a family member. I didn't like how Charles didn't even try to stop drinking after he had 3 kids and a wife. I think that he should have been more responsible and got a job, especially not drink so much in front of his children.

In this show I made the prediction that Charles was going to die and he did. I also made a connection to what we learned in school. We learned that John Adams was the first president to live in the White House.

The writer of this series, Kirk Ellis also has written Untitled Jakie Robinson Project, Into the West, Anne Frank: The Whole Story, The Three Stooges, The Beach Boys: An American Family, The Grass Harp, The Naked Truth, Hired to Kill, and Nightmare at Noon. The only show that I have seen of his is John Adams, but I am looking forward to see the rest.

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